Delivering The Goods

You Want New Donors? You Want More From Existing Donors? You’ve Come To The Right Place.

So how do you bring new audiences to a beloved charity — and give committed donors another way to give? In the case of Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), you take their incredible mission to the streets.

Doctors, without, borders
Doctors, without, borders
Doctors, without, borders

What’s Up With The Crate?

When it came to creating, a branded online gift catalogue, an integrated teaser campaign was launched with unbranded crates mounted on bus shelters at major Toronto intersections, in commuter paper print ads, and digital ads. Week One Crate: “Destination ?” Week Two Crate: “Destination: Congo.” Week Three Crate: “Destination: Congo” and the URL “” were added, driving traffic to the site where supporters donated to MSF’s worldwide humanitarian aid work.

Talking The Talk. Walking The Walk.

The challenge? Help MSF generate incremental revenue that wouldn’t cannibalize other fundraising efforts. Solution: The now annual online Walk Without Borders Challenge gets supporters to hit the streets to walk in solidarity with MSF patients. Smart. Strategic. Not only did ST partner with MSF to bring it to life — your friendly neighbourhood agency took it to the streets ourselves and raised a ton of money for the cause, too. That’s what we’re talkin’ about!

Across the board, our campaigns effectively bring MSF’s mission to life, optimizing the emotional connection between being an MSF supporter and actually helping people in crisis. We truly value the working relationship we have with ST.Conan MacLean, Fundraising Manager, MSF Canada

And Another Thing…

Direct marketing campaigns to Prospects and House Donors, including mail, email and telemarketing developed by ST’s writers, art directors, production gurus and account management wizards, generate results that go the distance, too — telling the powerful stories of fieldworkers and beneficiaries alike that resonate with donors across the country.


A way of thinking, an understanding of what works online, on mobile and social. And above all, rich insight into what the donor wants and needs.


There is no silver bullet. Understanding integration means understanding that you will be wherever your donors are for your best chance at success.


It starts with listening to you. You, and what challenges you, drives the strategy that inspires everything that comes next.

Direct Marketing

Bringing brands to life and generating results driven by techniques that are proven to motivate response and change behaviour, regardless of channel.

What Have You Done For Me Lately…?

$1 million +

Raised by MSF Warehouse in 6 years


ROI of Walk Without Borders Challenge in year 2


Increase in direct marketing net revenue over 5 years