To Hamilton, With Love

Revitalizing a brand — to re-stock the shelves.

Every month, more than 12,000 people in Hamilton, Ontario — including 4,300 children — turn to a food bank. Hamilton Food Share gets food to people who need it most, and they know that an enhanced website and brand will better reflect the focus and importance of their work.

A great cause deserves thoughtful branding and a fantastic website. So, together, we made that happen.

A team approach to a community problem.

We kicked off this project with a Discovery Session. The Hamilton Food Share team, including their CEO, gave us great insight into their work, their pride in being part of the Hamilton community, and what would resonate with donors and volunteers — plus a website ‘wish-list’.

Beginning with brand…

The goal was to inject energy into their brand and give it some polish without losing any of the market recognition they’d earned over the years.

So, starting with the logo, we kept their iconic food bag graphic, but gave them an updated font and font layout. We also recommended they drop their old tagline: “Hunger. It’s just not acceptable.” It wasn’t a motivating statement and doesn’t belong attached to their logo.

Next up. Website.

Simply put, Food Share Hamilton’s website was out of date, not mobile responsive and not that engaging.  now truly reflects the organization’s passion for community involvement and local partnerships. The newly designed site can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet or desktop and is chock-full of compelling content, persuasive Calls-to-Action and useful features like an events calendar and a “Set Up a Food Drive” form. Chock-full — just like Hamilton Food Share needs their shelves to be.



It’s been a delight working with everyone at Stephen Thomas Ltd. This website opens up new possibilities for helping people in Hamilton and that makes us all very happy. So far, I have heard: 'I love it!', 'It looks fantastic.', 'We’ve been waiting so long for this.', 'It’s beautiful.' And 'It’s bright and brilliant — all we could have hoped for.' Thank you so much for making this happen. Jim Martin, Annual Giving & Communications Specialist


Making an emotional connection between the donor, your cause and the people you help.


A way of thinking, an understanding of what works online, on mobile and social. And above all, rich insight into what the donor wants and needs.


It starts with listening to you. You, and what challenges you, drives the strategy that inspires everything that comes next.