Bringing a brand to life

Getting to the Heart of the Brand

You want a bracelet or necklace, you go to a jewelry store. You want to survive an allergic reaction or can’t speak for yourself in an emergency, you want MedicAlert.

So job one was shifting the emphasis from jewelry to the lifesaving service offered.

Telling Stories. Saving Lives.

The strategy was to place greater emphasis on the MedicAlert value proposition and premium service offering to help them differentiate themselves from their competition, generic basic service providers. The MedicAlert brand was also humanized and made more emotive through the use of relatable testimonials from people whose lives were saved because of MedicAlert.

As well, the existing brand guidelines were expanded, incorporating the enhanced brand philosophy, positioning and messaging platform.

Yes, MedicAlert is so much more than jewelry — and now everyone will begin to know it.

Bringing the Brand to Life.

ST has brought the new and improved brand to life across multiple channels including two PSAs. One, showing diversity in the beneficiaries MedicAlert helps, was adapted into a fundraising spot which helped contribute to an increase in donations.

Once the brand work was completed, MedicAlert asked ST to consult on fundraising strategy through Direct Mail and Email fundraising (including a seasonal campaign), as well as prospect marketing and subscriber renewal efforts.

Given a very tight timeline to achieve the almost impossible, the team at Stephen Thomas Ltd contributed above our expectation in revitalizing the MedicAlert brand.DAVINA CHAN, DIRECTOR, MARKETING


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