Starting Over

Springing Into Action

The good folks at Springboard knew it was time to better align their brand with the expanded services they now provide. So ST sprang into action.

What A Difference A Rebrand Makes.

An ST-facilitated Discovery Workshop revealed the true essence of the brand: Springboard puts people at the centre of everything they do.

That’s not jargon. It’s truly a reflection of the service they provide their clients, the way they work with each other and the way the organization has become so successful, helping people get back on their feet in our communities. The results? A graphic representation of how the organization acts as a springboard for their clients’ growth — the very reason Springboard exists.

Bringing The Rebrand To Life

Once the brand evolution was created, the next step was for the Springboard website to reflect the new brand.

The homepage now reflects the brand’s essence, connecting people to possibilities and providing easier access to various sections of the site. Images of real people reflect the diversity of our community and put the people who benefit from those services (and those who provide them) front and centre.

“Connect. Inspire. Achieve.” isn’t just a teaser. It’s Springboard’s raison d’être, guiding not only clients, but the organization itself. That’s the power of meaningful branding.


It starts with listening to you. You, and what challenges you, drives the strategy that inspires everything that comes next.


A way of thinking, an understanding of what works online, on mobile and social. And above all, rich insight into what the donor wants and needs.


Making an emotional connection between the donor, your cause and the people you help.