Coronavirus Update

We know that times are going to be difficult in the weeks and months ahead for all of us, and in particular, for our clients, who are all non-profit organizations that depend on donations from the public.

Revenue will be lost. Special events have been cancelled. Major donors, corporations and foundations may pull back their support given the pandemic’s effect on global markets.

Direct response fundraising has weathered economic downturns before: postal strikes, 9/11, SARS and other emergencies. In fact, DR fundraising has consistently delivered revenue when it was needed most. Your annual fund donors have seen you through good times and bad. They will continue to do so, but only if you continue to ask.

Please click here for more thoughts about fundraising in this crisis.

You can also, as of this moment, continue to deploy direct mail campaigns. You can utilize the mail to reach folks who may otherwise be isolated. Stuck at home, they may have more time to read and consider your appeals than ever before. You can give them a chance to contribute, to support a cause that they care about, to continue to make a difference. We have confirmed with our direct mail suppliers that they are all systems go.

If you need any help through these challenging times, we’re here for you. The nature of what we do allows us to work effectively from home, so there has been no interruption in our service.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me by email at or by phone at 416 690-8801 ext 235.

Stay safe and be well