If your job is to raise money or to bring your non-profit brand to life wherever your donors or potential supporters are, you know the power of a good story to create affinity and connect people through their hearts to your mission. You understand that you need to inspire people to donate to your organization in the channel that suits them. And, above all, you know you need to continue to engage with those supporters, to keep them committed to your cause.

Now you find yourself on the Stephen Thomas Ltd (ST) website and you may be wondering if we know how to help you do all of that – even better than you’re doing it now.

Well, the short answer is yes. In fact, our clients will tell you that ST has been a pioneering thought leader in the sector for 40 years. But we’re not resting on past successes. Today, ST helps North American non-profits and charities raise more money across all fundraising channels – with smart strategy grounded in proven data and analytics expertise, effective integration, inspiring creative and emotive storytelling.

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