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Helping Non-profits raise money for more than 40 years.

ST’s story is one of evolution, innovation, and thought leadership… Today, we pride ourselves on setting trends, not following them. And we’re proud of our track record of quantifiable results. Here are just a few examples that showcase why non-profit organizations like yours choose ST…

  • 1.

    STella! is ST’s new digital fundraising division. Clients have access to her integrated powerhouse team of innovators, strategists, web developers, writers and digital design experts. She builds online experiences that engage people using strategies and tools developed in the commercial world, as well as popular fundraising applications like Google Analytics, Google Pmax, Blackbaud's Luminate Online, Frontstream's Artez, Salesforce, Fundraise Up, Engaging Networks, RENXT, HubSpot, Looker Studio, Power BI, popular DXP/CDP systems, Hotjar… and the list goes on.

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    ST’s Data Analytics team dives deep into every aspect of an organization’s fundraising programs. We assess campaign performance as well as the health of the overall program. Using core fundraising KPIs to determine historical performance and trends, we’ll review test results and segmentation performance. We’ll evaluate campaign data to help inspire more donor-centric communications and recommend segmentation, suppressions, and messaging that meets the individual donor where they are.

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    ST’s not-so-secret weapon is our ability to tell your stories in a way that engages donors and makes them feel something – wherever they engage with your brand. We call that style of emotive storytelling “Heart Voice” (amplifying the beneficiary’s voice). That’s what connects donors emotionally to your cause and your beneficiaries – so that they not only give, they give more, more often. Make donors feel something and they’ll give something. Again and again.

  • 4.

    ST is always thinking about what keeps fundraisers up at night so we can develop innovative service offerings that solve real problems. Cultivating Monthly donors (also known as “Sustainers” or  “recurring” donors) and retaining them is one of those insomnia-inducing challenges. And  JAM Collective is one of ST’s solutions. It is a two year program Canadian and US organizations have signed up for because of these benefits:

    1. Monthly donor journeys are mapped and mystery shopped to verify what is happening in market versus plan
    2. Participants receive Monthly donor journey test strategies
    3. Journeys are benchmarked against other non-profits in the JAM Collective, including key metrics
    4. Participants benefit from shared learnings across all members to help increase retention and upgrade of Monthly donors with the goal of accelerated learning because everyone is sharing in real time what they are doing, what is working and what is not.

    Click here to learn more about JAM Collective

For more information, contact Donna Richardson at donnar@stephenthomas.ca

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