Featured Services

Fundraising innovation that helps raise more money.

Our clients’ success proves that when strategy comes first, everything that follows happens more efficiently, creatively, and cost-effectively. ST’s Strategic Solutions practice has one focus: to help charities raise more money.

That’s why each of the service offerings you see below lead to insights and recommendations that help you understand your donors better, help donors feel more connected to your mission and your brand, and inspire them to donate more, and more often.

Strategic Coaching and Consulting

Perhaps you have questions about strategy, campaign development or analytics but don’t want to sign on to a long-term agency contract. That’s where Strategic Coaching from Stephen Thomas Ltd (ST) comes in!

Supporter Survey Products

Traditional donors are becoming harder to find, and the next generation of supporters have been dramatically affected by job loss and financial uncertainty.

Supporter Experience Mapping

Have you ever put yourself in the shoes of one of your supporters? As the need for donors to feel engaged and empowered increases as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, supporter experience itself is increasingly becoming a truly durable competitive advantage.

Giving Program Brand Creation (Monthly/Intermediate/Legacy)

Donors today expect deeper levels of personalization and engagement when interacting with the organizations they support.

Integrated Donor-centric Fundraising Plan and Messaging Strategy Package

Building on solid fundraising data insights, ST will help you segment and determine who has the highest likelihood to donate to your organization.

Social Media Advertising

Running ads through social media can be a simple and cost-effective way to gain supporters and donors, upgrade existing donors, or reengage lapsed donors.

Email Marketing

Email fundraising can be an incredibly cost-effective and efficient way to increase donations. However, if not done right, your email risks getting deleted from inboxes without even a second glance. So what’s the solution?

Donor File Audit

Unlike appeal or campaign reports that measure the performance of a single activity, the ST File Audit takes a macro view, analyzing the performance of various segments of your donor base over time.


Transform your data into meaningful metrics and provide immediately actionable insights to help you effectively manage your direct response program.

Attribution Analysis

If you’ve ever thought, “geez, why aren’t results from my direct mail campaigns better?” you may not be seeing the whole picture. In fact, your direct mail may be driving donations to other response channels.