Case Studies

We help clients turn challenges into success stories. You could be next.

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Legacy Giving Campaigns

Transforming legacy giving programs for different causes.

Breaking the premium habit

Can rethinking premiums increase net revenue without impacting retention rates? Find out.

Children’s Defense Fund, U.S.A.

Using compelling creative and shrewd targeting to upgrade donors.
Hero Image for Ecojustice

Ecojustice Canada

An enhanced digital campaign increases year-end donations.
Alzheimer Society of Canada

Alzheimer Society of Canada

Data analysis provides valuable insights on mid-level giving.
WaterAid Canada

WaterAid Canada

Digital acquisition in the time of COVID-19.
FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting

FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting

Putting our passion and expertise behind a powerful idea.
Special Olympics Canada

Special Olympics Canada

A smart mix of digital and direct grows monthly donors.
UofT Hero image

University of Toronto

Discover how we managed a customized fundraising appeal for 31 University of Toronto divisions that increased response rates by almost 70%.
Children's Wish Foundation of Canada

Children’s Wish Foundation

Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada had a wish of its own: a donor base with more than the 1,000 names they had.
MedicAlert Foundation Canada

MedicAlert Foundation

An injection of emotion rejuvenates a brand.
Canadian Cancer Society

Canadian Cancer Society

Rallying support with a regionally-focused fundraising campaign.
Hamilton Food Share

Hamilton Food Share

A new logo and responsive website help rack up donations.
Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders

An intermediate giving strategy pays off.
Case Study - Susan G. Komen, U.S.A

Susan G. Komen, U.S.A

A bold goal requires an even bolder strategy.
FINCA List Growth hero image

FINCA Canada

Read about how we built a data and list strategy to boost revenue.
Case Study - Cystic Fibrosis Canada

Cystic Fibrosis Canada

Building a legacy giving program from the ground up.
Case Study - Amnesty International

Amnesty International

See how we helped Amnesty International create a branded legacy giving program that captured hearts and donations.

Alzheimer Society of Canada

An integrated approach to a lead generation campaign pays for itself.
World Vision Canada

World Vision Canada

Focusing more on why instead of how turns intention into action.
Salvation Army

The Salvation Army

A more authentic, personal and sensitive approach connects with donors.