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Keeping Your Edge in Uncertain Times

Keeping Your Edge in Uncertain Times

Saying recent years have been “turbulent” is an understatement. Between the pandemic, supply chain issues, social change, rising costs and declining donors, non-profits are facing challenges unlike any we’ve seen before. And we are all worried about the current state of fundraising. So, how can fundraisers go forward, keeping our edge in these uncertain times,…
From the Desk of Paula Attfield, CEO of ST: When challenges come at you fast, be brave!

When challenges come at you fast, be brave!

After the pandemic hit, it was no surprise that our clients’ traditional fundraising efforts took a hit. Yours probably did, too. You couldn’t host events. Or meet in person with donors. Face-to-Face fundraising stopped, as did Door-to-Door. Mail and digital became really the only viable options for fundraising and, lo and behold, in spite of…
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When non-profits improve their digital experience, good things happen!

As much as we’d all prefer to be finding our way out of the pandemic, we are still navigating through it. This further heightens the need for charities and non-profits facing decreased donations to improve the quality of the digital experiences they deliver – for today and for whatever shape the next normal takes. Today…
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7 Trends Email Series

Our president, Paula Attfield took an in-depth look at various fundraising stats and studies, as well as what’s happening with our clients, and identified 7 fundraising trends she thought not-for-profits might be interested in. Enjoy exploring the trends!