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Akanksha Naidu

Account Manager

Quote I always feel a deep sense of gratitude when I see the impact of our work at ST and how it has helped those who need the most.

Aris Mantzouranis

Senior Art Director

Quote I enjoy designing and crafting visual narratives for our donors that not only tell their stories but connect on an emotional and meaningful level.

Arnold Redoblado

Senior Digital Developer, Digital Fundraising Innovation

Quote I’m passionate about fundraising and technology because they offer unparalleled opportunities to connect with supporters nationwide, amplifying impact and driving meaningful change. Combining my love for innovation with the power of fundraising allows me to make a tangible difference, one click at a time.

Brittany Gilbert

Senior HR Coordinator

Quote “It’s the people” is one of the most popular answers when someone asks what you love about ST. I take tremendous pride in hiring, keeping and connecting with each member of ST. The people at ST are passionate, smart, kind and hardworking and I love making their experience the best I possibly can. When I’m not working, I’m outside, skiing, hiking and spending time with my family.

Bronwyn Black

Account Coordinator

Quote Before joining ST, I believed that pursuing my passion of working with non-profit organizations was something that could only be accomplished outside of work. ST has provided me with the opportunity to turn this passion into a job. I am immensely grateful to work with an organization and clients who continue to inspire this passion daily.

Bryan Tenenhouse

Executive Vice President, Chief Creative Officer

Quote I believe that the best fundraising creative, regardless of channel, taps into our humanity and offers us the opportunity to do something for someone else that keeps us connected to that humanity. That’s what we aspire to do for donors every day at ST and it’s what gets me up in the morning. That, and my dogs of course.

Candice Gregoris

Senior Account Director

Quote The first step to achieving a mutual goal is empathy. You need to truly understand people’s strengths – and the obstacles they’re up against – before you can build a plan to accomplish a goal. It’s absolutely the best way to map out success.

Carol King

Account Manager

Quote From the inception of my working career, marketing has been my passion. The opportunity to channel this enthusiasm into fundraising for non-profits is a profound honour and a source of immense professional pride. Being instrumental in driving positive change for those in need is where my heart finds its greatest fulfillment.

Carol Strauss

Account Director

Quote While our goal at ST is to help charities raise more money, the payoff is priceless. One of the biggest rewards in the work we do is knowing I’ve directly contributed to change something for the better. Through our partnerships, somewhere a life experiencing hardship will be easier. Someone is happier, more well, or even had their life saved.

Carolina Bendaña

Director, Media and Data Services

Quote Making the world a better place is my priority in life, ST gives me the opportunity to not only work with like-minded individuals, but also help so many great charities that are making a difference in our society.

Donna Richardson

Director, Fundraising Solutions

Quote Helping our clients deliver on their most important high-stakes revenue growth opportunities is what drives me. I love unlocking ST’s leadership and high-performance potential for organizations, aligning our diverse team to deliver data-driven strategies and solutions that raise more money for our clients. I also love walking along the boardwalk with my husband to recharge my batteries and visiting St. Lawrence Market every Saturday morning to buy fresh produce from the local farmers who sell their wares there.

Erika Lopes

Account Manager

Quote I am passionate about the not-for-profit sector, and since my educational background is in Public Relations, Marketing and Digital Media Marketing, every step of the work is a step closer to helping others with the meaningful work we do at ST.

Eugene Astone

Director, Digital Fundraising Innovation

Quote I love solving problems. It forces you to learn, push the boundaries and be creative. And that is why I enjoy my job so much, as it allows me to play in each of those spaces for wonderful nonprofits trying to solve many of life’s most pressing challenges. Looking forward to connecting and solving problems together!

Halimat Awonuga

Media & Data Services Assistant

Quote When you are kind to others, you are kind to yourself. Always be kinder than you feel, we rise by lifting others and that’s what we do at ST.

Jason Levine

Senior Writer

Quote I’ve always been a creative person who cares about the work, who’s tried to make our big world a little better each day. At ST, I get to do that with kind, talented people for causes that really matter. Folks, that’s about as good as it gets.

Jean Stamper


Quote I have been working with ST for 34 years. The passion and dedication of the staff has always inspired me. This pic shows my other passion and that is my grandsons.

Jennifer Bely

VP, Analytics

Quote My clients inspire me every day. I’m proud to help them raise more money, providing strategic insights rooted in data analysis. Together we can make the world a better place.

Jessica Tiberio

Senior Director, Digital Fundraising Strategy

Quote I love partnering with our clients to make a positive impact in the world. At ST, we are passionate about helping our clients reach their goals in the most strategic, efficient and thoughtful way possible. Plus, we have fun while doing it!

John Rocca photo

John Rocca

Creative Director

Quote I’ve always loved crafting compelling campaigns that resonate with audiences and drive tangible results. Partnering with ST has given me the opportunity to create authentic connections with donors. Connections that literally help make lives better.

Julie Bot

Accounting Manager

Quote I am a long-time goofball who accidentally developed a 20+ year career in Administration, that transitioned into Finance. My goal is to blend the professional with the silly because we need both. And I am thrilled to be with ST, helping organizations that help others.

Julie Gales photo

Julie Gales

Vice President Operations

Quote Our team is amazing! A talented group of fundraisers and marketers who know how to raise more money for our clients and are committed to delivering outstanding service. I feel lucky to work alongside such dedicated and passionate teammates who all want to make the world a better place one campaign at a time.

Justin Lauzon

Senior Digital Developer, Digital Fundraising Innovation

Quote I love the tangible impact my work has on advancing worthy causes. Every line of code we write is a catalyst for social impact, empowering organizations to drive positive change. Over the years, working in fundraising has only deepened my passion for technology, knowing that my skills contribute to making the world a better place.

Kelsey Fischer

Account Manager

Quote The best part of working in fundraising is knowing that my work is meaningful. Every day, I get to contribute to lasting positive change in the world just by doing what I love.

Kelsey Watson

Account Manager

Quote I love coming to work every day knowing that I’m contributing to positive change in the world, and getting to work with an amazing team of people who share that motivation. Together, we can make a meaningful difference.

Lisa Lenihan

Account Director

Quote There’s some wonderful alchemy in what we do. We start with data & research, add a heap of creativity, toss in liberal doses of psychology and behavioral science, bind it all together with heartstrings, and what comes out is gold. And when we share it, when a project goes out there into market, it gives people the opportunity to be a better if not best version of themselves. Name another career that does that. I’ll wait.

Lisette Gelinas

Advisor, Brand Strategy

Quote I help non-profits leverage their brand in the service of fundraising. When those two elements work together creatively, across all channels, and over time, results go up and a charity can raise more money for their cause.

Liz Attfield

Vice President Fundraising Strategy

Quote Our world is a wonderful place. I want to continue to help keep it, and everything that inhabits it, healthy and happy. That’s why I help raise money for the causes I love.

Marcela Popivanov

Account Director

Quote I love working at ST because it combines my love of data with creativity. Everything we do is driven by data and we use that to tell meaningful stories to our clients’ donors. I feel proud to be a part of helping Canadian charities raise more money.

Mary Attfield


Quote Fundraising is in my blood. I feel happy knowing that I can be part of a team that makes lives better.

Maxime Rivet

VP, Group Account Director

Quote I feel grateful to be able to leverage my skills to fight diseases, injustice and poverty every day by raising money for great causes. We only have one life to live, so I want to use mine to make as much a difference as I can.

Mimi Maxwell

Senior Art Director

Quote When I was a wee thing I drew and drew and drew. I drew telephones with faces, grapes that tap danced and RVs that could comfortably seat 100. Then I went to L.A. to study illustration for four years and left there with a thirst for graphic design – anything to do with typography. I ended up in New York as an editorial designer. Six years later I landed in my hometown of Toronto. I have now been with ST for almost 13 years.

Nancy Clark

Senior Writer

Quote Writing for nonprofit clients is a fulfilling challenge. Persuading a reader to donate means transforming a financial transaction into an emotional decision that comes from the heart. Each charity is unique and has stories that need to be told powerfully. The opportunity to be that storyteller is an honour and gives me the chance to help these organizations make a difference in peoples’ lives.

Neil Gallaiford

Principal, Chair of the Board

Quote I spent nearly 15 years as CEO of ST, relinquishing the role in 2020. I have retired from active management and hope I continue to add value by managing special projects, and providing my colleagues with wise counsel accumulated throughout more than 30 years in fundraising. My key focus is to ensure that ST continues to put the clients’ missions at the heart of everything the agency does. We speak truth to power and are committed to completing every project on time and on budget, without exception. I also collect art and was for many years a proud volunteer with the Art Gallery of Ontario. When I travel, I seek out art galleries, and art gallery cafes, which are almost always excellent.

Nicky D’Cunha

Senior Account Coordinator

Quote ST has shown me how you can combine a career with passion and love every single minute of the day.

Nicole Raines

Production Designer

Quote I’ve always loved the “creative meets technical” challenges of being a production designer. Doing it for our non-profit clients with a great team is truly gratifying.

Nigel Ryce photo

Nigel Ryce

Senior Writer

Quote Being permitted an avenue to harness creativity in a way that informs audiences of good works is energizing. Having a part in empowering not-for-profit organizations, raising awareness, and encouraging giving is always a welcome challenge. The chance to marry a diversity of needs with compelling stories – what’s not to love about that?

Pat Martin

Production Manager

Quote I’m a passionate direct marketing/data geek so where better to roll up my sleeves than with the cats that walk the talk at ST doing fundraising for the big, wild non-profit world.

Paula Attfield

Chief Executive Officer

Quote In my 28 years at ST, I’ve rarely had a dull moment and I love it that way. I wake up each day with gratitude knowing that at ST we have an experienced, passionate team, ready to help our non-profit clients raise more money!

Philip King

Managing Director, Digital Revenue Acceleration

Quote My passion is helping great fundraisers get even better. One of my joys is helping fundraising leadership unlock the story in their data and sharing with them new enthusiasm for exceptional digital fundraising.

Phoebe Lo

Developer, Digital Fundraising Innovation

Quote Using design to empower charitable and not-for-profit organizations to overcome challenges and make a meaningful impact energizes me. With creativity, empathy, and strategic thinking I craft customized solutions, particularly in user-friendly websites, to advance their mission.

Prachi Gurbani

Account Coordinator

Quote Having to contribute to initiatives where I am able to make the world a better place is something that makes me love my job at ST.

Riley Javan

Production Coordinator

Quote Making someone’s life better has always been my priority. I feel proud to be part of a team that cares about humanity and great causes.

Sabrina Wong

Manager, Digital Fundraising Innovation

Quote Let’s give your supporters a smooth and unique online experience. For over a decade I have been helping clients to deliver the best online solutions – raising vital funds that make the world a better place. No matter what phase of the project you are in, I’m here to help.

Sandy Wong

Production Director

Quote I enjoy harmony and believe nothing is impossible. Working with good people gives me strength to jump over hurdles. Making things happen and seeing progress make my day!

Shanti Attfield-Ray

Senior Accounting Coordinator

Quote Working behind the scenes in accounting has been a great experience. Our new project accounting software has streamlined the process, benefitting both our team and clients. I’m constantly impressed by the dedication of my fellow STers, so focused on raising money for our clients and the work they do.

Shelley Sutherland

Creative Director

Quote At heart, I’ve always been a storyteller. Being able to use that skill to make an emotional connection with donors and raise money for important causes is immensely rewarding.

Srushti Narkar

Account Coordinator

Quote It’s a wonderful feeling when the work that you do helps make an impact or supports a change. I’m thankful to ST for letting me experience that feeling and add value to our world.

Steve Thomas

Chairman/ Executive Creative Director

Quote Its been 43 years since I founded the agency. I’m so proud we are all still working together to build a better world.

Suzanne Murphy

Senior Production Manager

Quote Sourcing the best possible suppliers and pricing to help great charities raise more funds, and having fun doing it, is incredibly rewarding.

Terry Levine

Senior Writer

Quote I don’t just write direct mail and digital to help charities raise more money — even though that’s a worthy goal. I do it because it feels great to do good for causes I believe in.

Tracey Oliver

Account Manager

Quote Working with children in the public sector for many years, I have seen first-hand how important it is to think about the well-being of others. I try to spend my days doing just that. Working with the amazing clients and staff at ST, I know I’m part of a team that is making a difference to so many people around the world, every day.