You want to use AI. Now what? Part 2 – Tools & Recommendations

In our first post, my colleague Liz laid out the foundation of exploring how AI tools and technology can benefit your organization.  Your policy and overall approach will be your guide rails for usage and are important to have before you jump into the world of using AI consistently.

Now you are at the stage to investigate some options that will help you drive revenue. In my role as Managing Director at STella! and at ST, I’ve seen AI flourish in the digital sphere.  Here are some of my favorites, which I’ll suggest as a place to start.  Why these recommendations? The tools below provide insights and personalization quickly and efficiently to ultimately drive donations.

MUST HAVE: Google Analytics 4 is the latest version of Google’s analytics platform, offering advanced features and insights powered by AI. In terms of AI functionality, Google Analytics 4 employs machine learning algorithms to automatically analyze website and app data, uncovering key insights like user preferences, search terms, conversion trends, and audience segmentation. Our team interprets and uses GA4 as one of our primary KPI Dashboards to help our clients accelerate their digital revenues.

Last year on July 1, 2023 we officially switched over from UA to GA4. This year on July 1, 2024 you will no longer be able to access your historical UA data, so please download any benchmarks you want to keep before that date. Also as our friends over at M+R have pointed out, please update your GA4 Explorations data retention setting from the default 2 months to 14 months.

TOP PICK: Google Performance Max, is an AI-based digital advertising solution by Google that uses machine learning to optimize ad campaigns. We’ve been testing paid Google vs paid Meta vs Google Grant for a while now, and we’re particularly fond of this flavor of paid Google. Particularly if your goal is to drive a donation from the ad campaign.

Google Performance Max uses AI to analyze vast quantities of data in real-time, including demographics,  user behavior, and context, to dynamically develop and test creative approaches and ad placements to maximum performance of your digital campaigns.

This tool uses various Google networks, including Google display & search, YouTube, Gmail, Maps and Shopping. Quite simply, we upload content, and Google develops the best creative approach and audience to maximize return on ad spend (ROAS). Our team at STella! recently implemented PMax campaigns which has resulted in impressive results for organizations like Indspire.

FOR DONOR SEGMENTATION in DIRECT MAIL: Dataro ( is an analytics platform out of Australia we really like. It goes beyond traditional approaches (think: recency, frequency and value) by using predictive modelling to help nonprofits identify and prioritize potential donors segments with the highest propensity to give. We are excited to use platforms like Dataro to make our direct mail programs work even harder!

FOR DONATION FORMS: Fundraise Up is a platform that leverages AI to optimize donation experiences and increase engagement, by analyzing non-PII (personally identifiable information) signals and preferences in real-time. This enables the platform to personalize donation pages, suggest ask levels for one-time and recurring gifts, and even predict when a donor is most likely to contribute, all in the aid of driving more digital revenue.

The team at STella! and ST are on hand to help you understand and select the right tools for your fundraising challenges. Contact me at to find out more.

Philip King

Managing Director, STella!

Philip King

Philip King

“Excellent digital fundraising requires the right mix of commercial marketing and strategy, combined with non-profit heart and soul. I’ve always loved working with fundraisers, and helping them realize their digital revenue dreams.” When he’s not accelerating digital revenue for ST’s clients, he’s enjoying time with his family in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, or finding time to scuba dive somewhere deep and blue.