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There’s a lot of value in knowing Trend #5

The reliable, consistent, and ongoing revenue provided by monthly donations is vital to non-profits at the best of times and a matter of survival in the worst of times. As the COVID-19 pandemic lingers, this next trend should be a given.


Growing your monthly and mid-level giving programs is more important than ever

Monthly donors are between 5 to 7 times more valuable over the long term than single gift donors. Non-profits need to build a branded monthly giving program that makes an emotional connection with donors. And you should consider every touch point with your donors an opportunity to encourage monthly giving.

The percentage of revenue our client, ALS Canada, achieved from monthly donations in 2021 reached


When it comes to boosting your revenue, nurturing your mid-level donors is of equal importance. A higher-touch strategy can help your mid-level donors feel valued, which in turn can motivate bigger and/or more frequent gifts. A few strategies include:

  • Hiring dedicated staff to manage mid-level donors
  • Developing direct and email communications that demonstrate mid-level donors’ impact
  • Creating multi-channel, integrated donor journeys using digital channels to strategically increase communication frequency
  • Analysing your data to find “look-alike” mid-level prospects

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