How fast can you say Data-Driven Donor Journey Testing

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Want to learn more about donor journey testing, and how commercial firms are already using this concept to create better conversion and retention results?

The time is now, join a panelist of experts on Oct. 6 at 3pm EST to find out more.

Register now at:

Questions that will be answer in the webinar:

  • “What is donor journey testing?”
  • “Which donor journeys are the right place to start?”
  • “How long should we test one donor journey versus another?”
  • “How do we use our past data most effectively?”
  • “What are some key metrics to score our testing?”

Meet the panelist:

Taslim Somani, digital fundraising expert & advisor

Bridget Warner, non-profit data expert & advisor

Lisette Gelinas, brand expert & advisor

The webinar will be facilitated by Philip King.

Register now to join Taslim, Bridget, Lisette and Philip for an interactive webinar: